Many of the country’s top universities have begun to offer a variety of courses online for their students. In an effort to adapt to a constantly changing group of students with constantly changing needs, it is important to offer students the option to take courses online as opposed to the rigid format of a classroom. Stampede University is driving this trend by investing in a leading edge learning management platform.

Top-notch Education

At Stampede University, you’ll have access to a top-caliber education that includes classes taught by highly qualified industry experts, personalized attention, and high-quality academics—to help train you in the latest industry technologies and receive CTS certifications.
We offer Stampede University as a benefit to our resellers. Stampede University is filled with educational offerings and practical business knowledge designed to feed a resellers’ need for AV knowledge. We provide hundreds of classes and training and are constantly updating our courses.

This is a cost-effective, time efficient method of training your associates in the courses of your choosing. As a company, you can partner with Stampede University to place your industry training courses in our learning management system and monitor the industry’s progress as they take each course. Check scores, view documents, and certifications of each one of your students.

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