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Vendor Specific Courses General Education: Customers, Sales, Networks and Management:


Vendor Specific Courses

DemoPad Certified Installer [Return to Top]

DemoPad certified installer is a full-day course designed to provide comprehensive understanding of the concepts, technologies and process of using DemoPad to create and sell advanced control systems. The program is made up of 5 separate modules.

1: Making Control Accessible
It is a fact of modern day life that we live in a world of control. The word control is often prefaced with the words “being in” and this relates to the way we live and manage everything we do. Control at its best facilitates efficiency and adds to our productivity. Today we are expected to do a lot more with a lot less hence the value of control. DemoPad have found a way to simplify the enablement and customization of control, creating a unique tool for the A/V installation professional.

  • What is DemoPad?
  • Why use a control system
  • Traditional control systems and technologies
  • Control principles and protocols
  • Modern control systems
    • IR universal remotes
    • Centralized control systems
  • The DemoPad advantage
  • DemoPad control systems
    • DemoPad hardware
    • DemoPad software
  • Why use DemoPad
  • DemoPad = profit
  • DemoPad makes control accessible!

2: Fundamentals of Network: Connecting the DemoPad Systems together
Networks are the backbone of modern communication, and IP is the language of that communication today. Regardless of where a device is located, or what kind of device it is, on a network the same rules of operation always apply. By understanding the fundamentals of these rules, we can integrate control systems into IP networks, connecting the disparate parts of the system together with DemoPad software as the driving intelligence.

  • Networks defined
  • IP protocol and addresses
  • Constructing a network
    • Ethernet
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Assigning IP addresses
    • DHCP IP addresses
    • IP address reservations
    • Static IP addresses
    • Ports
    • Firewalls
    • Port forwarding
  • Wireless networks and you
    • Wi-Fi
    • Wireless standards
    • Encryption

3: Installing and Configuring DemoPad
In the following seminar, Installing and Configuring DemoPad, we will provide a carefully illustrated step by step approach to the installation and configuration of DemoPad from a hardware and software perspective.

  • Define the parts of a DemoPad system
  • Site preparations before installation
  • Installing DemoPad apps on smartphones and tables
  • Configuring the network for DemoPad
  • Installing DemoPad Designer PC software
  • Obtaining control codes

4: A Video Tutorial to Using DemoPad

5: A Video Tutorial to Advanced DemoPad Topics

Please note, access to this course is not available for free, and must be purchased from Stampede. Please contact your Stampede account manager for details and purchasing. Once purchased, you will recieve a confirmation number that you can use with the Stampede University registration page to access this course.

Sony VTC 101 [Return to Top]

This half hour seminar is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the parts of a videoconferencing system, and what is needed in each installation. The course then explores Sony videoconferencing products, and how to sell them to your customers. This includes a basic needs analysis, and understanding the issues and requirements that are of concern before a system is installed. A final section discusses the strong partnerships Sony and Stampede have formed with additional manufacturers to provide a total solution in videoconferencing to Stampede resellers.

Length: 30 minutes

NEC Videowalls: Top Tips and Tricks on Design and Deployment [Return to Top]

According to recent market research, the video wall market is going to see a four-fold growth over the next couple of years. In order to prepare AV integrators to take advantage of this growing market, Stampede in conjunction with NEC presents Tips and Tricks on Designing and Deploying Videowalls.  The webinar begins with the basic needs analysis and a look at the “wow” factors that only videowalls can provide and then quickly delve into the areas that might rear their ugly heads as problems if not handled correctly. No longer constrained by common aspect ratios we will explore non-uniform configurations and take a look at numerous mounting options. Of course a full slate of “must have” features will be discussed starting with new thin bezel designs and flat panel displays with slide-in modules for every conceivable application. Video wall configurations, connections and processing are covered in detail and applications are suggested that will help in understanding what videowall can do for both the integrator and end user. The goal is to create a fundamental  understanding of videowalls and show how NEC and Stampede are ideally poised to support your videowall needs.

Length: 60 minutes

Projection is Alive and Well: Christie DHD800 [Return to Top]

Projection is Alive and Well is a tutorial based on the Christie DHD 800 projector. The seminar shows the features of the DHD 800 and how these features actually turn in to benefits for the commercial AV integrator, rental and staging company, as well as end users. From the construction of the projector to individual capabilities of each component that makes up the totality of the display, the seminar explores all the tools at your disposal.

Length: 30 minutes

Hitting the "Sweet Spot" of Flat Panel Displays: Christie FHD551-X [Return to Top]

Conventional wisdom states that a flat panel is simply that, a flat panel display and all are very much alike. Hitting the “Sweet Spot” of Flat Panel Displays shows how the Christie FHD551-X breaks the mold of conventional wisdom and incorporates all the necessary features so desperately needed in the world of flat panel displays, videowall technologies, and command and control center projects.

Length: 30 minutes

General Education: Customers, Sales, Networks and Management:

Introduction to Pro AV: [Return to Top]

This is an introduction to the world of the commercial audio visual industry. It focuses on the audio visual industry and markets from the inside out. It defines who a commercial audio visual dealer is, what they do, and finally who their customers are. It also delves into the nature of their applications. This tutorial is aimed at those coming into the AV industry and is also appropriate for those dealing with the industry from the outside who want to gain an understanding of the nature of the relationship between the value-added dealer/integrator and the end user.
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

The Most Important Thing in Business…Customers: [Return to Top]

Customers and customer service have become “buzz” words in most industries with little meaning attached other than the obvious. The Most Important Thing in Business…Customers explores what customers really want from a vendor and how we are so often disconnected from them. We provide some interesting statistics showing that conventional wisdom often is not so wise and we wrap up the message with a look at 50 things customers think and feel that the majority of us overlook or are not aware of in the first place. It is time to shift those paradigms!
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

Turning on Digital Signage: [Return to Top]

This one hour seminar is an introduction to the industry standard Digital Signage Certified Experts (DSCE) programs for those who seek a basic understanding before immersing themselves in the industry. The digital signage market is defined and quantified from the perspective of industry experts. The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage are revealed providing a tool to check and see if all areas are really being considered in a project. Many say that "content is king" but in truth, the objective is king and this course explains why. Digital signage system components in both hardware and software are discussed as is commercial versus consumer hardware and what is appropriate to use both when and where. Applications are examined from various perspectives and the paradigm shift beyond conventional wisdom that limits our thinking is introduced. The course concludes with a short tutorial on selling value not price in digital signage
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

Excellence in Management: [Return to Top]

In the Pro AV, IT, and digital signage industries we study technologies, design, and integration but too often we ignore the area of management. Whether we have a small company with only a few employees or work for a multi-national conglomerate the ability to manage a team is paramount to your success. In this tutorial based on the best seller “First Break All the Rules” we explore the conventional wisdom of management and how this “wisdom” often impedes our progress. We introduce a management technique to select/hire for talent and manage the end results and not try to micro manage the means as long as company policies are adhered to. At the end of the journey we will provide a simple group of 12 questions that when answered will tell you more about your own company’s management and the psyche of your employees than you ever thought possible.
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

Value Added Selling with Customer Focus: [Return to Top]

With price being the most obvious differentiator in so many areas today, the need for an effective sales training program focusing on value and risk abatement for the customer and profitability for the dealer/integrator is more important than ever before. Value Added Selling with Customer Focus is an adaptation of the top 5 sales training courses in America, selecting the “sweet spot” from each and blending them together in a cohesive manner to give the desired results. It provides a clear separation between a transactional sale and a system sale and provides and demonstrates a methodology to attain the results necessary to call themselves a professional sales person. At the core of the course is the best seller, SPIN Selling, and the research done by Neil Rackham with documented metrics at every level to prove the validity of the approach.
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

Understanding Networks: [Return to Top]

With the reality of AV and IT converging, AV integrators in the both the sales and technical areas need a fundamental understanding of how computer networking functions. This course provides a complete primer to the hardware, structure, and protocols of computer networking, from small LANs to large WANs. From the basic concept of linking two or more devices together for the purpose of sharing data and resources, all the way to the internet, the world’s largest public WAN, the course explores types of network topologies, networking hardware and software as well as networking applications.
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

The Business Side of Sales: [Return to Top]

This is a “mini MBA” course that explains to the non-CFOs of the company how the business side of the commercial audio visual industry works in a more understandable and enjoyable form. It covers:

  • The industry today evolving from products to solutions
  • Pro AV business models
  • Internal structure with financial reports and SG&A
  • Real profitability (gross margin, gross profit, and net to the bottom line
  • Definitions with examples and explanations.

It focuses on making people aware of how they personally affect the bottom line of a company and in the process empowers each person to accept responsibility for their own actions relative to the financial health of the company. There are 3 versions of the course to focus on specific areas of the company:

  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Technical and service

​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

Selling Design Build: [Return to Top]

Selling Design Build is an in-depth look at the professional audio visual design-build process from its inception through the final part of the sales and installation process. It focuses on the creation of networks and relationships within the architectural and design communities as well as the general contractor establishment to insure a constant flow of profitable business. An internal step by step process is presented to meet the challenges and requirements of design-build and an internal structure is suggested to take advantage of the benefits of adopting the design-build process in your company.
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

Customer Service: Inside Out: [Return to Top]

A company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve. Customer service can be such a difference. It is very difficult to control, and therefore difficult to imitate. It is difficult to control because of its variability. The level of service may vary greatly between two providers in the same organization. It may also vary from one moment to another, even as delivered by the same provider. The difficulty is compounded in multi-unit operations: in addition to variability within units, there is also variability among units. That is both the challenge and the opportunity. The consistent delivery of superior service requires the careful design and execution of a whole system of activities that includes people, capital, technology, and processes. The few companies that can manage this system do stand out, and are sought out. This is the foundation of their sustainable competitive advantage. This course provides an understanding of the key elements of “good” customer service and the need for a customer service culture, active listening techniques, and turning a complaint into repeat business.
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

Fundamentals of Display Technologies: [Return to Top]

This is an introductory/fundamentals course that makes certain that the viewer understands the basics of signals, specifications and what they mean, and the resulting images on screen coupled to the performance of the display technologies themselves. A detailed explanation as well as a comparison of the popular display technologies is provided including Film, CRT, LCD, DLP, Plasma, LCoS, and OLED. It concludes with the use of the appropriate display technology for individual applications.
​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC

Time Management and Planning: [Return to Top]

The efficient and effective use of time directly relates to personal and professional growth, and our ultimate success in life tied to personal satisfaction and happiness. The converse is just as true. Unhappiness and lack of personal or professional success can most often be tracked to an inappropriate use of time and the inability to manage time efficiently and effectively in line with our personal goals. The good news is that time management and planning does not need to be overly complex and everyone can improve on the time we are allotted. The following segments provide the foundations in time management and personal goal setting that you need to start you on your way.

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Effective decision making
  • Confronting procrastination
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Organizing and scheduling
  • Delegation of authority

​Sponsored by Samsung.

Length: 60 minutes   Credits: 1 DSEG ERC